Tuna Whole

We handle Fresh and Frozen whole Tuna Processed and Packed according to your requirement,
maintaining HACCP Standards to ensure high quality.

Whole Tuna of Sashimi grade is exported to Japan While the EU Grade is used for processing of Loins,
saku, and Steak to Europe and U.S.A.

Varieties :                            Yellow Fin Tuna ( Thunnus glbacares )
                                                   Big Eye Tuna (Thunnus obesus )

We Process the following grades of Tuna.

                                                  1. Sashimi for Japan Market
                                                  2. European Grade
                                                  3. Canning Grade

Products Specification

Type of Catch:                     Long Lined / On board Gilled, Gutted & Chilled

Catch Zone:                          Indian Ocean (FAO : 057)

Size:                                         Small ( Average Weight : 10kg - 18kg )
                                                   Large ( Average Wight: 18kg and above )

Type of Processing :         Fresh / Frozen

Type of Packing:               G & G / HGT (Bullets) in Corrugated boxes



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